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Welcome to my blog for EDTC 400! My name is Meg and I am a math education student with a minor in English and am currently in my second year of the program. I have also had my heart set on being a teacher so I am thrilled to be on this path and headed to the completion of my degree. I participated in EDTC 300 in the fall of 2018 but I still have a lack of confidence when it comes to technology. That brings me to my first goal of this class, which is to become more comfortable with my digital identity. You can find my new Twitter profile here. I am also hoping that this class will provide me with effective tools and platforms to create a more interactive, multimodal, and inclusive environment for my students. Lastly, with my other goals considered, I hope to become knowledgeable about using technology effectively in the classroom in regards to lesson planning, adaptations, and organization. 

Outside of school, I enjoy staying active and playing sports, as well as spending time with my friends and family. Some of my hobbies include baking, photography, and I love having the opportunity to travel. I’ve always liked the idea of starting my career as early as possible and not being in school for very long, and not only do I love kids, but I understand the importance that teachers bring into our world and look forward to positively impacting lives just like many of my teachers have done for me!

Published by meganderson754

I am a second year U of R student in the faculty of Education with a major in math and a minor in English. I look forward to sharing my educational journey and growth!

One thought on “Introduction Post

  1. I love that we are seeing more Math majors taking non-traditional minors (arts, language, humanities, etc…). I majored in math and minored in music, but I know friends who wanted to do the reverse combination were not allowed.

    it is becoming less common of a restriction, but I still see the majority of math majors minor in science and health, so anytime I see arts and language minors it is exciting!

    I hope you have a great semester of growth and learning!


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