Twitter as a Networking Tool

This week, I had the opportunity to participate in my first #saskedchat and it was quite the experience. At the beginning, it was nice to feel welcomed in the chat with a shoutout from the host. From there, the questions started rolling in. I will admit, it didn’t happen as fast as I thought it would. It seemed like there was a lot of time in between questions, and at first I wasn’t sure what to do with the extra time. It felt awkward to talk and network with other people in the chat. However, once I became more comfortable, I filled in the time gaps by reading others’ comments, following new accounts, and commenting on posts to engage in conversation.

I had never heard of live chats on social networking apps before, so this experience definitely broadened my opportunities for networking and being a part of a professional account. I have never used Twitter before this class. I will admit, I prefer other apps such as Instagram and Facebook for personal networking sites, but it is nice to have a separate platform for professional endeavors. It is great that I can be connected with my classmates through the EDTC list and that I can both share resources that I’ve found and also discover new resources from other people. I look forward to continuing to build my digital identity and professional identity throughout this class.

Published by meganderson754

I am a second year U of R student in the faculty of Education with a major in math and a minor in English. I look forward to sharing my educational journey and growth!

One thought on “Twitter as a Networking Tool

  1. Great post! I also felt the gaps between the questions were longer than I had anticipated for. It was a great chance to explore the other Sask Ed Chat participants – although that made me nervous I would miss a question!
    I suppose with more Sask Ed Chat’s under or belt, we will feel more confidence each time.


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