Online Safety Lesson Put to the Test

This week, I presented my cross-curricular lesson for grade three English and Drama about online safety. Although the class would have likely taken longer with grade threes, it was still great to see my lesson come to life and to see my classmates engaged in the activity that I had planned. If this lesson was presented to grade threes, I would definitely have to involve more teacher facilitation and guidance when it came to creating their skits and completing the Menti at the end of class, but, since the lesson was only carried out as a mini-lesson for my university classmates, it would be perfect timing for a full-length lesson with a class of grade three students!

I thought that everyone did a great job presenting their skits to the class. I was a little bit nervous that they wouldn’t want to participate or that it would be boring, but everyone let their personalities shine and had fun with the assignment. One thing that I may have to address in a class of grade threes would be taking the task at hand seriously. It is encouraged to be passionate for projects and presentations, but if a group of grade threes were giggling and being silly while presenting I would definitely have to reiterate that learning about online safety could be the difference between your classmates being involved in an unsafe scenario.

Social Media Guidelines for Staying Safe Online Image

It was definitely a different ball game to plan a lesson for an online class. Since I am not great with technology, I was worried that I needed to use a variety of online sites and resources in order to make a good lesson. However, I soon realized that many different lessons could be done over Zoom similarly to that in real life. When my mom randomly came home from work (she is also a teacher) with the book “On the Internet,” I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate an old-school teaching strategy about digital citizenship with a technological twist! And, after looking at the digital citizenship continuum, my direction for the lesson fit perfectly with the outcomes for “digital safety and security.” I was slightly unsure about reading the story through a webcam in an effective way, but I think it turned out okay. If anyone has some pointers for next time, please let me know!

On The Internet Book

One other aspect which I know I need to work on when it comes to teaching is coming up with a stronger closure. I think the Menti worked well because it summed up the key understandings that I wanted students to take away from the lesson, but when it comes to verbalizing an end to the lesson, I often get stuck. Again, if anyone has any tips or advice on how I can improve on this, feel free to share your thoughts!

Overall, I was happy with how my lesson went and I can’t wait to participate in other #edtc400 student’s lessons in the upcoming weeks!

Published by meganderson754

I am a second year U of R student in the faculty of Education with a major in math and a minor in English. I look forward to sharing my educational journey and growth!

3 thoughts on “Online Safety Lesson Put to the Test

  1. Meg,
    I loved your lesson! Reading the book was a wonderful idea! I wouldn’t of thought of it, but I enjoyed it. I will definitely keep that one in my back pocket.
    You skit idea was very unique. I enjoyed watching them and all the giggles that went along with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meg,
    I had so much fun with your lesson last class. I enjoyed coming up with a skit and watching everyone else use their creativity and sense of humour. I could definitely see the fun and learning that would occur in a grade 3 classroom through this lesson!
    Thanks for sharing,

    Liked by 1 person

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